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Our New Blog

Mike Smith  30 September 2013 07:25:25
Just a reminder that we have moved to our NEW BLOG - you can find it here http://turtleblog.info/

My Webcast with Chris Miller on Sametime 9 Tomorrow

Gabriella Davis  25 September 2013 18:00:58
See here for my latest blog talking about the webcast tomorrow on Sametime 9

Sorry again for the PL post - it's the only way I can link until addresses are updated.

Some Punny Title With The Word Abstract In It

Gabriella Davis  24 September 2013 07:19:28
Sorry - redirection to our new blog since PL still has the old address. Today I'm talking about the IBM Connect Call For Abstracts and changes in the Show and Tell track.  Click here to read.  Thanks!

Sametime 9 Launch Day

Mike Smith  20 September 2013 09:56:48
Gabriella has just blogged about today being launch day for Sametime 9 and her plans - you can see it over on our new blog http://turtleblog.info

Fun With Domino LDAP

Gabriella Davis  17 September 2013 16:49:09
Sorry for the redirection, just whilst PL is updated.  Here's where you get to laugh at the time I wasted troubleshooting something I'm fairly sure everyone else knows

Adventures In TDI – Connections and Updating Profiles

Gabriella Davis  17 September 2013 10:36:30
A new entry on our (new) blog on using TDI and creating your own Assemblylines.  See it here.  Sorry for the crosslink but PL still points to this location for our blog.


Gabriella Davis  12 September 2013 19:57:19
We are transitioning our blog to a new site and whilst PlanetLotus updates I am cross posting a link here .  Today's blog is more on Sametime 9

Please read it here http://turtleblog.info

We have revamped our blog - and its in a new place with a new article ’Sametime 9 - Part 1: The Basics’

Mike Smith  11 September 2013 14:24:11
After quite a long while we have revamped our blog again, and and as part of that you'll find its in a new place.  

To see our new blog please go to:


Gabriella has already posted a great article called 'Sametime 9 - Part 1: The Basics' including the new products, the new licencing setup and 'the most exciting things in Sametime 9'  - so see you over there.

Connections101.Net Updated and Live

Gabriella Davis  19 February 2013 20:58:13
Paul and I are pleased to announce a week's worth of re-writing connections101.net.  Now, you have (hopefully) in an educational format the steps required to deploy a pilot installation of Connections 4.  The idea behind this site is to teach, not just to demonstrate or give advice.  By the end of the modules you should have a functioning connections environment.

Are we finished?  No way.  A lot more to do with cognos and post-install tasks, but we hope that there is enough to get you started.  We don't allow comments on the site, as its enough to manage with the writing of modules, but feel free to contact either of us with comments.

The Conference That Never Happened And My Slides From It

Gabriella Davis  12 February 2013 11:53:56
Apparently a conference happened two weeks' ago.  I heard good things however if you saw me any time after Monday night it would be good to know what I was doing and where I was because, like many other people this year, I went down hard with the shiny and new IBM Connect flu.  It's a very frustrating situation to be in because for the first time in 17 years I pretty much missed all of the conference and every session I was hoping to see, as well as my friends. I do have a few highlights though and some people to thank and I did at least manage to make it on stage for all my presentations..

I loved the opening general session and I thought the choice of speaker was a very good one, Joseph Gordon Levitt talking about his community art based website hitRECord.  If nothing else it made an impression on me about finding something you're passionate about and working with others who feel the same.  The IBM message of the importance of enabling people by providing them with ever better information and ways of working was less technical that we usually have but that was the theme of the conference and it does tie into the technology I'm working with.   The closing session was pretty much a blur for me, I remember going on stage for the final photograph and standing between Warren and Kitty Elsmore, but weirdly in John Roling's photograph there's just a gap where I'm sure I was so maybe that didn't happen!  http://www.flickr.com/photos/greyhawk68/8437116720/lightbox/

My Presentations
I did 4 presentations this year, 3 with Paul (including 2 Adminblasts) and 1 by myself.  Those of you that were there know it was a tough week all around and I'd like to thank Mat Newman for the ice cold beer I used (unopened) to keep my temperature under control on the big stage on Tuesday during Adminblast.  I'd also like to thank Paul for putting up with a presenter in a feverish state and anyone who came and sat through my sessions and filled in evaluations.  The evaluations were very kind (unless I'm still delusional).  

Rock Solid Sametime For High Availability

Understanding IBM Connections And Designing to #NOTFAIL

Adminblast 2013

Some Thank You's
  • Starting with Susan - track manager, goddess, my friend and inspiration (whether she wants to be or not). She looked out for me (and everyone else) all week, sent out a call for medicine when Tim and I were both unable to move and walked a burger to my room when Tim decided he was hungry and I was too ill to even get near the smell of anything. She also gave me a pass on Gurupalooza when I simply couldn't get out of the room.  
  • Everyone who participated in Spark Ideas - we've had such great feedback again this year and the talks were by turns, funny and inspirational and heartbreaking.  To Kathy Brown, Carl Tyler, Graham Acres, Jenn Priske, Andy Donaldson, Tim Davis, Susan Bulloch and Tim Clark and Francie Tanner for doing hosting duties
  • The SocialBizUG team who worked so hard to get the site testing and published before IBM Connect. I was the monkey doing the buiding but Sarah Cenedella and Julia Weisman from WIS were behind the design, Mark Myers and Ben Poole from LDC were the genius developers and Joyce Davis from IBM fought the good fight to get us the support we needed in a pinch.
  • The Nerd Girls who I missed all week, my friends who I missed all week - like the Chumbawamba song, I kept getting knocked out and getting up again but never made it to Kimonos.  I hope I'll see you at Benelug or IAMLUG or The View Admin conference in Boston in April or sometime very soon. I miss you.
  • Andreas Immitzer who came up trumps with throat pastilles at the end of Speedgeeking on Monday night
  • Everyone who came to the Great Geek Challenge and all our sponsors, from what I remember it was a fantastic event , held together by Paul and Carl's MC'ing and we filled the place up.  Here's hoping we get to do it again.
  • Abigail Roberts from Ravendesk who did all the design work on the new Nerd Girl badges as well as our Nerd Girl Zombie and Bond t-shirts (appearing on a zazzle shop very soon).  Abigail also did most of the marketing and logistics for our Nerd Girl events, helping me out both before and during the conference.  If you need any kind of design work undertaken I really recommend you get in touch, if you were lucky enough to get a badge or a t shirt you can see how great her work is.
  • Matt White and Mark Myers from London Developer Co-Op who went a fetched Tim and burger and fries (why does he get to keep his appetite when ill?) when I couldn't face doing it.  
  • Chris Miller, who stood in for Tim keeping an eye on me on Tuesday when I managed to temporarily lose my iPhone, my backpack with laptop in it and my power charger in 3 separate incidents over a 2 hr period.  Whenever I was confused I'd turn around and Chris would be there to help me find my way back and there's no better friend than that.  He also video'd the Sparks sessions for the Nerd Girls and the Great Geek Challenge.  It is possible he was patient zero on Saturday when I first met him but let's say not :-)
  • Kitty Elsmore for hugging me anyway despite me being plague ridden on Thursday afternoon.  I really needed it.

I hope to be back for IBM Connect 2014 and to see some of you at user group's throughout this year.  2013 was off to a rocky start but it can only go uphill from here!