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WAS For Domino Admins - The Sametime Version

Gabriella Davis  1 February 2010 20:54:47
How does a Domino Admin become a WAS Admin, and why should they bother?   At Lotusphere 2009 I did a presentation with Chris Miller aimed at Domino Admins who were having to work with Websphere Application Server for the first time, trying to give them a whistle stop tour of the key things you need to know if you're managing and supporting a Lotus software application running on WAS.

Sametime 8.5 has now shipped with the majority of its server components running on Websphere 7, so I've updated the presentation and put in some references to Sametime to hopefully help you if you're new to WAS and attempting a Sametime 8.5 install.  For those WAS experts out there - this isn't the presentation for you!

WAS for Domino Admins

1JP Liggett  02/02/2010 19:33:45  WAS For Domino Admins - The Sametime Version

Very nicely done and extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing.

2Jen  02/02/2010 21:19:58  WAS For Domino Admins - The Sametime Version

Thanks Gab!! (we were just conversing here about how to get this info and what we might have to go through to get it) Who knew some wonderful person would put it together to get us started.

3Heidi  16/02/2010 19:32:07  WAS For Domino Admins - The Sametime Version

Thank you!! I've been fighting with the WAS stuff while trying to get a POC up!