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Join us at Lotusphere for a BOF discussion about setting up and running Lotus User Groups

Mike Smith  7 January 2010 11:59:54
It's been great to see an impressive worldwide resurgence in Lotus User Groups over the last few years. I've experienced this myself as Turtle have helped with UKLUG and also participated in great LUG events in Ireland, Netherlands and Denmark. You know, its now hard to think that at one time it was said that few Lotus technical events happened in Europe!  

So I am very pleased to say that Warren Elsmore and myself will be moderating a 'Birds of a Feather' discussion on Lotus User Groups at Lotusphere 2010. The aim is to share experiences about setting up and running a Lotus User Group - such as what works (and what doesn't!) and the logistics involved.

If you have not been to a BOF before its all pretty relaxed and informal. The idea is that anyone can come along and have an open discussion about a particular topic, whether you want to participate or just listen is entirely up to you.

So please join us if you have ever thought about setting up a User Group, or successfully run one yourself, or went to an event, or are just interested in the topic.

Its BOF508 'Creating and running a Lotus User Group' at 5.45pm on Wednesday 20th January in the Swan Hotel 's Heron Room. Look forward to seeing you there.