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SnTT Lotusphere - An admission and an apology

Gabriella Davis  1 October 2008 13:11:49
As most of you know, there is a new Show N Tell track which replaces the previous Hands On track at Lotusphere 2009.  I'm very excited about the track itself not least because having done a Hands On session at LS08 and spoken to others who had done similar at that or previous Lotusphere's we all agreed that the original format had problems.  Firstly it was only possible for IBM to set up 25 or so laptops per session so with 2 people per laptop we had a maximum audience of 50 people per session which is very small for Lotusphere and resulted in a lot of people missing out.  Secondly in my experience it was difficult to maintain the flow of the Hands On with so many disparate levels of expertise in the room all trying to keep up - I had 2 people in my session last year on Quickr/Sametime/SSO etc who had never seen Domino Administrator for instance.  I ended up discussing these problems and ideas for tweaking the track with Paul and Kristin Keene and to our surprise she and the Lotusphere organisers took our ideas on board and invited us to assist Christian Holsing, who is the track manager,  in organising this track and selecting sessions.

The idea behind the SnTT is that the speaker produces a classroom style walkthrough using a VM of their own design that takes the audience step by step through an idea - be it installing Connections or configuring SSO, building an application using XPages or using the Dojo toolkit.  The key being that, using the materials, any attendee can walk themselves through performing a similar task.  We aren't leaving the 'hands on' piece behind either, we have several ideas right now that we are working out the logistics on and hope to talk more about soon.  As a presenter it's going to be one of the toughest sessions at Lotusphere to do but for those that enjoy teaching we believe you'll find it very rewarding and hopefully our ability to speak to more people per session will make attendees happy as well.

and now the apology.   Paul and I were both given permission to talk publicly about our involvement yesterday and we both agreed to blog it last night.  Except I didn't.  I meant to, then I read his and thought "oh that covers everything, I won't jump on the bandwagon and post as well until tomorrow".  The side effect being the shiny beacon of comments has been pointed directly at him and only him since then.  Ah well, brings to mind a saying about roads to hell and paving but I can't think what.


1Jason Hook  01/10/2008 14:52:33  SnTT Lotusphere - An admission and an apology

Good stuff!

I'm not sure if I'm starting with the shiny or shoddy spectrum of comments but my feeling is....

These sessions will add a lot of value to the Lotusphere experience.

Despite the vast array of top quality sessions on offer I'm sure that I've often come away more inspired than prepared to implement something new.

I'm looking forward to the new format and hope that it's given a couple of years at least to really develop.

2Paul Mooney  01/10/2008 15:57:26  SnTT Lotusphere - An admission and an apology

You lying sod!

You let me blog it first so if it tanks at sphere, you can say it was all my idea ;)

3Craig Wiseman  01/10/2008 16:11:25  SnTT Lotusphere - An admission and an apology


"John McCain"


"Paul Mooney"

have the same number of letters.

Guess you played the Obama role: Let him go out front and get torched....


4Paul mooney  01/10/2008 20:44:22  SnTT Lotusphere - An admission and an apology

I sincerely hope that is the only thing I have in common with McCain.

5Andrew Pollack  02/10/2008 00:47:06  SnTT Lotusphere - An admission and an apology

@Paul --- well, there's the height thing. Also, torture. Clearly you've both been tortured. Admittedly he was captured and forced into it while you've chosen a profession in which you regularly submit yourself to it -- but that's trifling around the edges I think.