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OpenNTF Server Administration - Not Me Any Longer

Gabriella Davis  1 November 2009 17:00:00
I've just been told that OpenNTF have blogged about me stepping down from my offer to manage their servers and since that blog has no other explanation I thought I should post a quick one here.

When I offered to take on management of the OpenNTF servers I started the work by doing a healthcheck and producing a report of recommendations for changes and moving forward. I also produced a change control db (as badly written as only one by an admin can be) to handle future changes I wanted to make and make sure we had some process.   However over the past few weeks it has proven impossible for the hosting company and myself to co-ordinate work and get me the access that I hoped for.  It has always been my case to OpenNTF that if we're saying publicly "Gab manages the OpenNTF servers" then I want to manage them myself, from upgrades to configuration.  

Basically it's a case of "no accountability without authority" and we haven't been able to resolve this situation so I have had to retract my offer, to my dispapointment.  I have tendered an offer to OpenNTF that I would be happy to continue in an advisory capacity on their infrastructure if that is something they feel would be useful and I assume they may be planning to discuss that in the future.

Regardless, I wish OpenNTF all the best with their valuable work.

1Nathan T. Freeman  01/11/2009 19:02:41  OpenNTF Server Administration - Not Me Any Longer

For any interested readers, the post on OpenNTF that Gab is referring to is here: { Link }

And the specific statement is: "Gabriella Davis has asked for someone else to perform the Server Administration. This topic will be taken offline and discussed at the next Technical committee meeting."

We are saddened by your departure, Gab. And we are extremely grateful for the effort you've already put forth in your analysis document. We will be using it as our guide moving forward, whoever ultimately handles the responsibility for the TC.

Thank you again for your time and effort.

2Gabriella Davis  01/11/2009 20:13:32  OpenNTF Server Administration - Not Me Any Longer

Thanks Nathan. I appreciate the efforts you all went to in order to try and resolve this and I'm sorry in the end we couldn't get there.