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Tim Davis  1 December 2011 19:55:22
I was thinking about what makes a truly great superhero.

What would they need? They could be super-strong, or be able to fly, turn invisible, walk through walls, or they could have armour, machine guns, swords, or be bulletproof, super-smart, telepathic, or they could have force fields, robot arms, karate moves, or even laser-vision, claws, danger-sense. 

Or any combination of the above. 

But I think all they need, and the only thing they really need, is Cool.

Yeah, superheroes got to be Cool. They got to have that moment, that moment in the action that makes you go "Yeah!". 

When Superman tears open the vault to save Lois. 
When The Thing yells "It's clobbering time!" and wades into the fray. 
When Spidey dodges the bullet and comments sarcastically. 
When Hellboy bitches as the demons swarm over him. 
When Wolverine chomps on his cigar and "snikt". 
When Bruce Banner says "You don't want to make me angry". 
When Iron Man calculates the angles and turns his repulsors to full blast. 
When John Constantine flicks his cigarette into the gutter and stares the Devil down. 


Loads of fine superheroes don't quite have the correct level of cool. I'm thinking of Thor, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Flash, Daredevil, Green Lantern, Punisher and many more. 

Also, there are plenty of minor heroes who kind of have elements of cool, but it isn't imbued, embedded, intrinsic to their identity. 

And, at the end of the day, there is only one truly great superhero, the ultimate in super-cool.


Surveying Gotham City from a gargoyle. 
Swooping down with his cloak to take out the thugs. 
Planning every strike of a fight. 
Putting teleportation pads all over the world just in case the Martians invade. 
Swishing the cloak as he exits the room.
Trampling over cars and barricades in the Batmobile. 
Having the insanest villains.  
Being smarter than everyone else in any room.
and most of all...
Appearing out of nowhere to say: 

"I'm Batman". 


1Roy Rumaner  01/12/2011 23:12:03  Super-cooled

and here I thought I was a comic book geek....