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Show and Tell Materials (FTP)

Gabriella Davis  2 February 2009 04:14:39
As some of you who attended Lotusphere may know the Show and Tell track was new this year.  I worked on it alongside Paul Mooney and Christian Holsing and so far the feedback has been really good from those that attended.  The purpose of the track was to have presentations which would be less demo focussed and instead give you step by step instructions on a particular topic.  All the speakers went to a huge amount of trouble to produce materials that were extremely detailed, many running to 200 slides.  Some speakers also produced supporting documentation and databases to help you reproduce their work with the presentation in hand.

If you would like to get hold of the Show and Tell materials then they are available on our FTP site for download.  I need to emphasise that this is not an IBM site and it's not a managed site.  The speakers were given logins to upload whatever materials they thought appropriate to their presentation and these haven't been reviewed or tested outside of that.  Download and use at your own discretion.

login: sessionid (eg show109)
pw:    sessionid (eg show109)

each login places you into the directory for the session.


1Daniel Silva  03/02/2009 01:30:34  Show and Tell Materials (FTP)

Hi Gabriela,

Why not make all the materials downloadable as one file or off one directory?



2Gabriella Davis  03/02/2009 09:53:21  Show and Tell Materials (FTP)

Because each speaker was/is responsible for their own upload and site. I can't give them editor access to each other's files which is what would happen if they shared a directory, so I give them each their own folder and upload credentials.

3Srinivas S Kotaru  08/02/2009 13:46:02  Show and Tell Materials (FTP)

even though I am able to login to ftp i am not seeing any files, can you please help? Thanks a lot.

4Joe  25/02/2009 02:31:43  Show and Tell Materials (FTP)

Hi there. I tried opening the bbexample.nsf file from SHOW109 but am getting "The database has local access protection and you are not authorized to access it". Can you clean out the ACL and repost the database? Thanks!