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Blizzard say I can’t play Starcraft 2 right now

Tim Davis  2 September 2010 17:31:32
I just went to play StarCraft 2 and Blizzard's authentication servers are down so I can't play. What kind of nonsense is that? This isn't even for multiplayer, I just want to play my single player campaign. Battlenet down = no game.

Then I realized that I won't be able to play this game on a plane, or in my garden (where the wifi is a bit iffy), or anywhere with no internet.

I hadn't realized that Starcraft suffered from this problem, since so far I've never tried to play it without internet. There is an offline 'guest' account, but that would mean having to start all over again and my heart sinks at the thought.

Is this the way that PC/Mac games are going? I only today decided to not buy Assassins Creed 2 because you need to be online every second for the game to work at all. I can't be the only one who wants to play a game while offline? Or am I?


1Tim Davis  02/09/2010 17:46:54  Blizzard say I can’t play Starcraft 2 right now

I'm biting the bullet and starting over as a guest. I don't want to get caught out like this again. Hopefully I'll be better at the missions second time around and can blast through them.

2Terry  02/09/2010 20:56:22  Blizzard say I can’t play Starcraft 2 right now

My guess, it's the best way today for Blizzard to prevent piracy of their new game. Battlenet holds your license.

3John Head  02/09/2010 21:55:35  Blizzard say I can’t play Starcraft 2 right now

yep, that is the way things are going. You either get nasty software to do copy protection or you get this. Blizzard also took out the LAN play mode and spawns.

The way of the gaming is always on internet play. Sucks but not much anyone can do

4anon  15/12/2010 23:20:57  Blizzard say I can’t play Starcraft 2 right now

random thought, try clicking play offline and itll let you as long as youve logged in once before while online

5Tim Davis  22/12/2010 12:55:35  Blizzard say I can’t play Starcraft 2 right now

@anon: Hilarious! There is a big orange button saying Play Offline when you get the cannot connect to Battlenet message! It works!

Why did this not show for me before? I can't believe I missed it. Maybe it had been 30 days since logging on? Someone has suggested it was because I did have internet but their servers were down, so I was incorrect in assuming that "no internet = no game". It may be "yes internet + no servers = no game" which is fine by me. Woohoo!