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3 weeks and counting... speaking, learning, being, doing, hanging

Gabriella Davis  3 January 2013 11:41:46
Well here it is, 2013 and Connect 2013 is fast approaching.  As always I'm nervous/panicked/trepiditious/excited to be going and hope to see many of you there. Here's what I'm planning

I have 3 sessions this year, 2 of them with that nice Mr Mooney and one by myself

BP305 Understanding IBM Connections and Designing to #NOTFAIL (with Paul )
Monday 3.45pm Dolphin S. Hemisphere IV-V
Queue A-Team Music.... Are you loving the social business revolution but intimidated by the moving parts? Do you spend time on Greenhouse but wonder how it all works? Do you want to install IBM Connections but don't know where to start? What servers, software and even training do you need and what should you watch out for. We'll explain how the moving parts in IBM Connections fit together and help you find answers to these questions and more. Get started on delivering the next generation of collaboration software.

What we're hoping is that you leave this session feeling more confident about deploying Connections and with a checklist in hand to get you started.

BP301 Rock Solid IBM Sametime For High Availability
Wednesday 1.30pm Swan 5-6
You're about to install Sametime 8.5.2. You know it's going to be business critical. It's the place where everyone meets in real time, and real time means now which means no downtime. Whether it's all services or just some (such as mobile IM), Sametime has to stay up but how do you cluster each of the components and can you really guarantee the kind of uptime your are being asked for? In this technical session, we'll take you through the high availability options for each of the Sametime components, explain the mysteries of MAC forwarding and DB2 HADR and show you the glories of the Websphere Edge Load Balancer, all of which are part of your IBM Sametime licensing. Make your users happy and your IBM Sametime install rock solid.

In the past 18 months I've done a lot of Sametime deployments. A LOT. This session is based on what I've learnt from being burnt, from PMRs, from helpful advice given by Sametime development and just from pure stubbornness.  

BP107 Adminblast 2013. The Top 60 tips for Administrators (with Paul)
Tuesday 5.30pm Dolphin N Hemisphere A-C
Wednesday 11.15 Dolphin N Hemisphere E (repeat)
Sit down and strap yourself in for the annual Adminblast session! We'll revisit the 200+ tips given and we'll pick the top sixty. We'll cover the top tips taken from the trenches over many years of consulting, covering IBM Domino, IBM Sametime, IBM Traveler -- and more! Practical tips that you can use as soon as you get back to work will be emphasized, You must pay attention -- and you must listen fast!

Yes I know, Adminblast is Paul's session but this year he's invited me to join him and add my ideas to his.  I apologise in advance for anyone wanting an all-mooney-all-the-time session and instead getting a half-mooney-half-davis session but we've just finished the content and it's great so make sure you don't miss it.  We've got a lot of tips to cover in only 60 mins so it will be fast and frantic information coming at you..

I don't often make it to as many sessions as I'd like and this year I have several I will once again aim to get to but if I have to choose between a session and a lab the lab wins every time for me. Most years my takeaway is based on what I find out in the labs,  whether it's the developers lab where I can talk about performance, security of general or design decisions or the usability lab where the teams really want to hear your feedback so they can work it into the product or even the research labs which feed my imagination and give me the reassurance that IBM really are continuing to invest in innovation.  Some things I saw in the research labs over the years are now part of the core products and some things have disappeared completely, even more are things that are just now appearing publicly as "innovations" from other companies that I know IBM were working on 5, 6, or even 10 years ago.  It's easy to get tired at Connect (well it was at LotusSphere so let's assume Connect is no different) but don't miss these once a year opportunities.

As always, I'll be being one of a growing band of Nerd Girls.  I'll be one at our Sparks session on Tuesday , at the Great Geek Challenge on Tuesday night and handing out badges to other Nerd Girls, Guys and assorted's along the way.  If you want to know more about our Nerd Girl activities at Connect (or want to submit a Sparks session info@nerdgirlsgroup.com) then visit our blog for all the details.  Nerd Girl Blog

Other than all the above I'll be talking to people, meeting new friends, buying the refill container from Picabu and losing it within an hour, swimming at 5.30am each morning, grabbing any sign of sunshine, and attempting to brave the crush in Kimonos for more than a few hours (I'm not great in crowds).  

Hanging Out
I'm probably too old to use the word but I can't think of any other way to describe sitting around chatting to friends I see only once a year or maybe a couple of times a year and compressing a year's worth of news / how are you's / what are you up to's into a single week.  Make sure you leave plenty of space for time with friends or strangers you want to be friends with it's the best part of your week and possibly your winter...

See you there