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IBM Keeping Secret Sametime 8.5 Tools That We Should All Have?

Gabriella Davis  3 March 2010 20:18:56
I noticed this in the details of the 249 USD Webinar for Sametime 8.5 for Lotus Education are offering *

Want to add the Sametime System Console and other new 8.5 server components into your existing Sametime infrastructure?  The Post Installation Tools provide an easy way to register your existing servers with the System Console. After your existing infrastructure has been registered using these tools, you can use the System Console to plan the roll out of the new 8.5 server offerings like Meetings, Web based IM client, and Audio/Video features, all seamlessly integrated into your existing environment

Hey those "Post Installation Tools" sound great and I'm sure they'd be very useful.  Shame apparently only IBM know about them or how to get access to them.  Maybe if you paid them 249 USD you could be given the secret words to get at them too.

Do I sound bitter?

*and why that's a chargeable Webinar when the product needs so much explaining is something only IBM can justify