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IBM Keeping Secret Sametime 8.5 Tools That We Should All Have?

Gabriella Davis  3 March 2010 20:18:56
I noticed this in the details of the 249 USD Webinar for Sametime 8.5 for Lotus Education are offering *

Want to add the Sametime System Console and other new 8.5 server components into your existing Sametime infrastructure?  The Post Installation Tools provide an easy way to register your existing servers with the System Console. After your existing infrastructure has been registered using these tools, you can use the System Console to plan the roll out of the new 8.5 server offerings like Meetings, Web based IM client, and Audio/Video features, all seamlessly integrated into your existing environment

Hey those "Post Installation Tools" sound great and I'm sure they'd be very useful.  Shame apparently only IBM know about them or how to get access to them.  Maybe if you paid them 249 USD you could be given the secret words to get at them too.

Do I sound bitter?

*and why that's a chargeable Webinar when the product needs so much explaining is something only IBM can justify

1Tim E. Brown  03/03/2010 22:16:43   IBM Keeping Secret Sametime 8.5 Tools That We Should All Have?

Yes, this kinda stuff should be free! Not bitter at all!

2Rob Novak  03/03/2010 23:43:01   IBM Keeping Secret Sametime 8.5 Tools That We Should All Have?

Hasn't this been the same with all of the cool plugins for a while...not that I'm bitter, either. I could use a bitters.

3Graham Dodge  04/03/2010 03:50:28   IBM Keeping Secret Sametime 8.5 Tools That We Should All Have?

(I posted this same comment on Carl Tyler's blog)

This is probably something from "Lotus Education" who are a separate cost centre inside IBM and whose 'product' is seats on training courses (like this one). Remember that Lotus Education don't make any money regardless of how many copies of Sametime you buy - their only interest is selling training, and this webinar is just one of the products they sell.

I agree it would be great if the Lotus technical people put on some free technical seminars for BP...

4Marco Janssen  04/03/2010 09:09:53   IBM Keeping Secret Sametime 8.5 Tools That We Should All Have?

I believe those Post Installation Tools are some simple registration scripts. Those are pointed out at Lotusphere 2010 and are also being used at Sametime 8.5 deployments on i5. Since you can't create a deployment profile in advance of installing a module, you have to use the Post Installation Tools when you want to register a module in SSC.

Sametime 8.5 Information Center covers those tools.

5Gabriella Davis  04/03/2010 13:13:47   IBM Keeping Secret Sametime 8.5 Tools That We Should All Have?

@Marco - my point is that the tools aren't available anywhere for download or access. If you log into software download as a customer or as a partner and look for Sametime 8.5 install files there is no sign of the post installation tools. Similarly if you search the infocenter or the install guides for any reference to "post installation tools" they aren't there. Clearly IBM consider them worthwhile enough to advertise in their course so why aren't they clearly documented and made available for download?

We're all on the same side here - but IBM are hurting partners and customers by faliing to properly document their installs and supply the files that are needed.

6Marco Janssen  04/03/2010 16:22:47   IBM Keeping Secret Sametime 8.5 Tools That We Should All Have?

@Gabriella. During the Sametime 8.5, Michael Herring of the ST8.5 Dev team talked about something like "Post Installation Tools". This is covered in the IC at the following link: { Link }

I think that the name "Post Installation Tools" is not something like a Wizard, but more like a script which can be used to register a server/module with the SSC.

About documenting, I'm trying to install the complete Sametime 8.5 suite on i5 since the beginning of Januari. My status: installed SSC, configured LDAP, upgraded Community server from 8.0.2 to 8.5 but is crashing every 1,5 hour. Yet, I have to install the Meeting, Proxy and AV server. I've seen serveral PMR number passed last 3 months.

I hope you get my point.

7Gabriella Davis  04/03/2010 17:59:57   IBM Keeping Secret Sametime 8.5 Tools That We Should All Have?

@Marco thanks for the link which is pretty funny. If that is seriously their 'easy method' for adding an already upgraded community server into the SSC then they are missing a trick since I've had great success with creating a deployment plan for an existing server then just re-installing ST over the top of the already upgraded Community server. No ST settings change but the SSC now recognises it and will manage it.

Of course my way does involve a bit of downtime on the ST server but less than 30 mins in tests so far and far less chance of things going wrong than the bizarre "make a note of this on a bit of paper you'll need it later" approach :-)

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