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Lotusphere sessions on BlackBerry and iPhone

Tim Davis  3 November 2009 11:47:11
It's that time of year again. I am about to start on the job of updating our BlackBerry and iPhone apps for accessing Ben Langhinrich's Lotusphere sessions database ready for January, and I'd be interested if anyone has any suggestions for cool features to add.
I can't promise to include them, but depending on how my time goes it would be nice to see what improvements we can make :-)

1Warren Elsmore  03/11/2009 12:01:41  Lotusphere sessions on BlackBerry and iPhone

Not really a BB or iPhone suggestion, maybe one for Ben - but how about an iCal feed of the 'My Calendar' view?

Matt has some experience there ;-)

2Keith Taylor  03/11/2009 13:23:39  Lotusphere sessions on BlackBerry and iPhone

It would be cool if there were ical feeds for individual tracks. It takes me a long time to get my schedule lined up. It would be nice to see it graphically overlayed on my calendar. Keep up the good work. This tool is invaluable when I seem to misplace my program every year for at least a day.

3Lewis Turek  03/11/2009 16:00:04  Lotusphere sessions on BlackBerry and iPhone

No comments or suggestions, just thanks for taking the time to build and host the BB and iPhone apps. Very much appreciated.


4Karl-Henry Martinsson  03/11/2009 17:19:56  Lotusphere sessions on BlackBerry and iPhone

I believe the BlackBerry app from last year already let you add sessions to the built-in calendar. What about adding a setting to the application where I can set how long before the sessiuon the alarm will go off? Say I know I can get to any session in 15 minutes, I will set it to 15 minutes. When I then add a session to my calendar, the alert will go off 15 minutes before.

Also, if my BlackBerry is in a different time zone when I add the sessions (perhaps I am sitting in the DFW airport, adding sessions while I am waiting to board), make sure the time zone is taken into consideration when adding the session to the calendar.

Other cool features: email to presenter (if they have those listed), perhaps a link to more info about the presenter if IBM is making that available. Twitter info, URL to downloads, etc.

What about adding a recommendation button, so I can give feedback? Say one button for "I have not been to thi ssession, but I think it sounds very interesting and I will go to it", and one "This was a great session, if you can see the repeat you should try to".

That info can be stored in a central database and made accessable to everyone, both through the iPhone/BB apps and through a webpage.

5Keith Brooks  03/11/2009 18:03:16  Lotusphere sessions on BlackBerry and iPhone

How about a predefined calendar setting in bulk?

For instance I want to know when all the admin sessions are on Sametime and add them.

6Chris Miller  03/11/2009 18:13:16  Lotusphere sessions on BlackBerry and iPhone

How about a Blackberry app that can go to the sessions for me, record the video, upload and edit it and have it ready in 3gp format for my flight home?

Or maybe just a huge thanks for doing this each year as it saves all the big geeks time and effort in planning