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Loving The New Board Games

Gabriella Davis  4 January 2009 22:40:15
If you don't have children and you're having an at home holiday break - you have to set yourself goals to achieve, or laziness sets in and the time flies away (at least that's what I've found).  This year's xmas break goals weren't terribly exacting, I had 7 or 8 books to catch up on and we were severely behind in our board game playing, we also had a ton of old movies to watch but they never happened.  Tim and I both love board games and have a huge collection but don't get the free time to play that often.  The best game this year was a new one published by Fantasy Flight games out of nowhere at the end of December.  Fantasy Flight games produce the fantastic Arkham Horror board game based on the H P Lovecraft stories and their new game is a full on Science Fiction game called Android.  Android game mechanics remind me a lot of Bladerunner and it includes both a murder mystery and a secret conspiracy.  Our first attempt to play took over 5 hrs from beginning to end but there was a fair amount of stopping to review the rules.  The 2nd attempt took a lot less time.  

If you like board games with a literary tie in and good atmosphere (like Arkham Horror and Android) then I also recommend Touch of Evil which is basically Sleepy Hollow as a board game with town elders who can have hidden secrets.  None of these are good for very small children (I'd say below the age of 12).  Next up is Last Night on Earth.


1Jason Hook  05/01/2009 10:57:46  Loving The New Board Games

Thanks for the link to the website ({ Link })

The kids introduced me to less arcane fare over Christmas including Guess Who, Frustration and one other where players find specific pictures on tiles filled with lots of other pictures.

I like the sound of the games you mentioned.