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Everyone Hold Hands - Notes 8.5.3, iNotes Awareness, Connections Profiles, Sametime Proxy, TDI

Gabriella Davis  4 October 2011 16:40:04
Notes and Domino 8.5.3 ship today and although the embedded Sametime client has been upgraded to Sametime 8.5.1 (not 8.5.2) that's only part of the news for Sametime and the Notes client.

iNotes Awareness
Those of you that use awareness in iNotes or in other web applications will know all about stlinks, the applet used to integrate a Domino application with Sametime.  Although stlinks works very well, it gives us many problems deploying an applet and often presents such a performance overhead in larger environments we have taken to disabling it. In Sametime 8.5x the Sametime Proxy Server (terrible name) was introduced.  This offers a lightweight, ajax client that can be used much more efficiently for browser based instant messaging and awareness.  
Prior to the release of Domino 8.5.3 the mail templates were still configured to use stlinks only and we had to apply a package to change to use Sametime Proxy.  Now the option to have the mail template use Sametime Proxy instead of stlinks is built into the default mail template and is configurable through a mail policy.

Business Cards
The other Sametime related feature is the license to deploy Connections profiles.  Connections profiles can be used as your Sametime Business Cards and this is something we do as standard anywhere we have deployed both Sametime and Connections.  Connections profiles hold much more information than simple business cards and, as those that have deployed Sametime business cards can attest,  are a significant step in creating a connected company.  Many customers have told me how surprised they were at the impact of business cards in their environment, especially with the use of photographs to put a face to communications.  Of course you don't have to deploy Sametime to use business cards, with the new Connections profiles licensing you can have business cards in Notes regardless.  You can also use the TDI entitlement to populate business cards and keep them in sync using the Domino Directory or other Notes database.  See how it all fits together :-)

Lotus' (alright IBM's) strategy to integrate their products and provide limited licensing to Notes client users to benefit from those features is really delivering value for customers combining the Notes client, the iNotes interface, Sametime and now Connections profiles and files to connect your company together.

Do I need to say it's so much more than a mail system ...?


1Andyy Higgins  14/10/2011 20:19:23  Everyone Hold Hands - Notes 8.5.3, iNotes Awareness, Connections Profiles, Sametime Proxy, TDI

Thanks for the useful info Gabriella... And no, I don't think you can say "it's more than an email system" enough times..... Keep on saying it....