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All sorted! BlackBerry Lotusphere sessions app is ready

Tim Davis  5 January 2010 10:40:20
RIM sorted out my signature keys very quickly (a thank you to Jen Stevenson and Erik in developer support), and so we now have the new BlackBerry Sessions app, 'LSMobile', ready to download.

There are two versions, one for the Storm and one for non-touch devices. You can download them by browsing to these urls from your BlackBerry Browser:



Other devices:


The data for the app comes from Ben Langhinrich's Lotusphere Journal 2010 database, which you can find here http://lotusphere.turtleweb.com/lsessdb. As always, many thanks to Ben for this.

Once you have the app installed, choose 'Load Data' from the menu to download the latest session details from Ben's database. You can browse by date and time, search by keyword (such as topic, or speaker), add sessions to your calendar, and provide feedback which will be posted to Ben's database. The sessions data is stored locally, so you can get at the details even if you are out of service, or have expensive data roaming turned off :-)

It's also nice to see that IBM have posted their own BlackBerry app on lsonline, for those of you that have a login. It is very simple, no search or add to calendar for example, but it appears to be connected to the lsonline agenda database, and so should have up-to-date information during the conference. (Our data comes from Ben's data, which comes from their data, so we may be slightly out of step).