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Netherlands Lotus User Group - "Love" My Mug

Gabriella Davis  5 November 2009 18:51:54
Back from my quick trip to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and time to thank the NL-LUG for hosting such a professional event and inviting me to speak. They had an enormous range of sessions with a surprising number from English speakers like me and the attendees I met and talked to seemed thrilled to be at such a large event in their region.  It also gave me a chance to catch up and have several bottles of wine with Rob Novak and Eileen Fitzgerald.  Did you know that if you drink enough wine and order desserts of a cheese plate and a chocolate fondue, eventually it will seem like a good idea to dip one in the other?  Also that if you do this it will taste delicious but you will be scared to repeat the experience completely sober?

Plus we all got this great "thanks for attending" gift. I love user groups.

Image:Netherlands Lotus User Group - "Love" My Mug

1Marnix Kemme  05/11/2009 22:23:22  Netherlands Lotus User Group - Love My Mug

It was great to have you at our conference. Thanks for the great feedback.

I feel I missed something at that dinner you had with Rob Novak. Next year's first bottles are on me if you will allow me.

2Gabriella Davis  05/11/2009 23:00:19  Netherlands Lotus User Group - Love My Mug

Thank you very much Marnix and I do hope to see you again next year. Although my memories of the dinner may be blurred by the bottles of Sancerre, I definitely recall the conference itself and how much trouble you all went to.


3Mary Beth Raven  06/11/2009 03:20:49  Netherlands Lotus User Group - Love My Mug

Thanks for a little write-up so those of us who did not attend feel less lonely :)

and the mug is GREAT, it's almost as nice as a little Lego version of myself :)