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LS Exhibitor Details Now in Blackberry Sessions DB

Gabriella Davis  6 January 2009 20:32:10
Thanks to Lotusphere Online, we now have Exhibitor details in Ben's session db and in our Blackberry version.  If you have already downloaded the Blackberry db then you need to reload the data to pull down the Exhibitors.  Just open the LS09 Session db on your BB and choose 'Load Data' off the menu.  If you haven't already downloaded the BB sessions db then simply browse on your bb to http://lotusphere.turtleweb.com/bb

For those who had problems downloading the BB sessions db (907 COD errors) due to their older Blackberry OS, we have recompiled the LS09 db for you using the older JDE.  You can download the older version on your BB by browsing to http://lotusphere.turtleweb.com/bb41

....and for everyone waiting for the iPhone version, so are we! It's now been with Apple and the App store for some weeks but we hold out hope it will be approved and available soon.


1Turtle  06/01/2009 22:45:36  LS Exhibitor Details Now in Blackberry Sessions DB

Gettin' a 404 on the Blackberry OS 4.1 version...

2Gabriella Davis  07/01/2009 10:38:29  I’m an idiot

Sorry - forget to refresh HTTP on the server after I created the redirection !

Should be fine now.