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Now THAT’s Packaging

Gabriella Davis  7 January 2009 22:52:20
Due to some freakish mixup at American Express 3 year's ago (when he charged an entire conference's worth of hotel rooms to his personal card whilst the funds were transferred between banks) Tim was offered the magic Centurion card.  Despite not qualifying even remotely, they still haven't spotted the mistake and the benefits we get on the card more than pay for its annual fee.  

Tim's new titanium, hand crafted credit card arrived today via special delivery.  It took a month to produce.  AMEX describes it as follows...

"Apart from being the word's only metal card, the lettering has been individually set and the metalwork has been hand finished."

Sadly it has ended its final journey in Tim's beaten up wallet being used to fill the Prius with petrol once a month instead of in the hands of celebrity being used to pay for private jets to private islands.  Pity it.

Image:Now THAT’s Packaging

1john wylie  08/01/2009 22:03:18  Now THAT’s Packaging

Gabriella - thanks. That was a good enough to make us laugh loudly

2John L  01/03/2009 01:09:42  Now THAT’s Packaging

I have a similar tale. An NHS middle manager, who a few years ago, in a twelve month period, put the wifes and my own new cars on a gold amex, whilst waiting for the finance. Had a centurion for 5 years now, and smile whenever I use it

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