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A Day of Waiting - Gardens Broadband and Gas Boilers

Gabriella Davis  7 August 2008 14:17:48
That will teach me to try and be clever.  I arranged for guys come over to slash and burn everything in my garden today, alongside the Gasman coming to give the boiler it's annual check and Virgin Broadband coming to install 20Mbps fibre - all between 8am and 1pm.

Status so far:
Gardeners arrived at 7am !
Broadband engineer arrived at 11.30, installed fibre but left 'to bring back the router'.  Is now apparently down the pub with his phone turned off and no sign of him coming back
Gasman rang at 11 to say he'd be a little late but definitely here by 2.  Still no sign

Update: as I was typing this the Gasman rang to say "yeah I know you booked a job for this afternoon but I only just got given it" (fantastic).  I've rescheduled for 7.30am tomorrow which means I can get on with my day and he can get 90 minutes overtime.  All I need now is the drunk broadband installation engineer to turn up with a wireless router so he can "instruct" me how to configure it *sigh*.


1Rock  07/08/2008 16:44:31  A Day of Waiting - Gardens Broadband and Gas Boilers

And you know what the difference is between these three service provider reps?

** the gardeners are probably either self-employed or come from a VSB. Good customer service, which results in good word-of-mouth, is paramount to their business' survival.

** Gasman is probably from a medium business, I would guess. Customer service is still important (probably paid by the hour or job), but not at the front of his mind. He still gets his base pay, either way.

** Cable guy is either the employee of Virgin directly, or works for a technician "body shop" that is a subcontractor to Virgin. He doesn't give a rat's ass about any customer, or his subcontractor employer has so overburdened him with crap to do every day (to make more money) he is fried (or indifferent) and simply can't get to everyone every day. So he prioritizes, does the minimum, and leaves when he thinks he can get away with it - damn the customers.

Especially in the cable guy's case, he probably gets to call your installation job "completed" (because I bet you signed the work order already, right?) so he gets paid for the job whether he brings you the box or not. I hope he decides to bring it to you, but I bet you'll have to call Virgin to get it.

I may be way off, but that's my guess - and that's how it would be here in the U.S.

Good luck getting everything!