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GarageBand is fantastic

Tim Davis  8 September 2009 10:00:00
I just used GarageBand for the first time, which is a bit embarassing.

We are currently listening to The Beatles' Love album, which is the soundtrack for the Cirque show we saw in Vegas. It has amazing remixes of various Beatles songs, and I particularly like the opening version of Get Back.

The problem is that it is spread over the first three songs, the opening swell is the end of song 1 (Because), and the closing mix into Green Onion is song 3.

So I opened GarageBand, dragged these three songs in from iTunes, and they appeared as three tracks.

I split 'Because' and deleted everything apart from the ending swell. I did the same with Green Onion, deleting the quiet bit at the end. I dragged the three elements together to get rid of the gaps, and so that the opening swell runs right into the 'Djanggggg' at the start of Get Back.

Add a fade out from the menu, drag the master volume to fade in on the swell. Then export to mp3 and magic presto I have my own edited version of Get Back/Green Onion.

Took no time at all.

Why bother? So it can go in a compilation. I could duplicate all three tracks and play with the start and end times in iTunes, but it needs to be a single track for shuffling.

Free software to the rescue!
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