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How To Succeed As A Nerd Girl

Gabriella Davis  8 January 2010 11:25:37
I'm very excited to announce that at Lotusphere this year we will be having our 2nd Annual "Nerd Girl" panel and BOF. This year's panel is called "Nerd Girl - The Panel's Revenge" (NERD101 is the session number) and our plan is to have the Panel ask questions of each other and of those in the audience about their experiences and why there's such a paucity of women in technical fields compared to men.  If you don't know of our panellists then I suggest you google them because you're not going to want to miss this if you're a Nerd Girl, raising a Nerd Girl or you work with a Nerd Girl - (I'm looking at YOU, guys)

The Nerd Girl Panel is Tuesday at 11.15 in Swan Mockingbird.  Many other names you know well will be joining us for the discussion and since the Panel are bringing their own questions for each other and you we've no idea where the session will take us.  I will be acting as moderator for this amazing group of women and as anyone who came last year will tell you, it promises to be a revelatory hour.

In concert with the Nerd Girl panel we'll also be having a Nerd Girl BOF where we're going to talk about coaching, mentoring, speaking and career planning - if you're interested in any of those things then I hope you can join us (date and time TBD).

Here's our amazing Panel line up
  • Sandy Carter, Vice President, IBM Software Group Channels
  • Akiba Saeedi,  Program Director, Unified Communications and Collaboration, IBM Software Group
  • Mary Beth Raven, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member, Lotus Product Design
  • Marie L. Scott, Director, E-mail Services, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Eileen Fitzgerald, Vice-President Product Management and Customer Delivery at  GSX
  • Moderator: Gabriella Davis


1Antoine Leboyer  08/01/2010 18:32:11  How To Succeed As A Nerd Girl

Congrats to you all