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    Virgin Media TV broke our Virgin Cable Broadband

    Tim Davis  8 January 2010 14:47:53
    We have had Virgin Cable Broadband at home for a month or two and it has been the best internet service we ever had, 50Mb of uninterrupted interweb gorgeousness.

    Yesterday, we had the Virgin Media TV package installed, with a PVR, etc, which was all very nice. However, we immediately noticed a slowing in our line speed, on average to 30Mb sometimes down to 14Mb, and twice the router/modem/hub has dropped out for a minute or two. Not acceptable.

    We called Virgin and were told that the TV does not affect your broadband, also that there was nothing wrong with the signal on our line.

    So we cancelled the TV service. They turned it off. We went straight back to 50Mb. I accidentally turned the PVR box back on from standby and everything slowed down again to 14Mb. I unplugged power to the PVR and we were back to 50Mb.

    We won't be renewing the TV package. We like our internet the way it is.

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