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Announcing The Great Geek Challenge - Lotusphere 2011

Gabriella Davis  8 January 2011 14:45:45
I'm delighted to announce that this year at Lotusphere we are holding the first ever Great Geek Challenge

If you consider yourself a Geek or even a Nerd now's the time to test yourself and crush the egos of the pseudo challengers to your throne!  All we ask is that you turn up at Kimonos and are seated by 8pm on Tuesday night , each table will be an informal team so make up a table or just join one.  We're going to be asking questions of the whole room and gathering answers at the end of each round to build up to an ultimate winning team and their greatest Geek.  

There will be a harsh MC to keep everyone in line, guest quizmasters for each round and plenty of chance to show your expertise on topics ranging from Sci Fi Obscurity to IBM Marketing Messages.

No need to register but turn up early to grab a table for your team.  See you there!

Image:Announcing The Great Geek Challenge - Lotusphere 2011