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My expectations of the iPad

Tim Davis  8 April 2010 18:53:07
Especially with all the OS4.0 hoohah going on, I thought I'd talk a little about my expectations of the iPad while I wait for it to become available in the UK.

Prior to this past weekend, we were always going to be buying an iPad here at Turtle for playing with and testing stuff on (because we are an IT company in the mobile marketplace we pretty much have to). I had a pretty good idea of what the iPad can do and what it can't. Seemed OK. I liked the look of the Marvel comics app, for instance. Was looking forward to getting one.

This weekend I noticed something. I had spent about 4 hours each day on my iPhone. No phone calls. No text messages. Just playing with stuff on the device.

This included: browsing the internet researching various hobbies, playing games (plants vs zombies), checking email, managing my tasks in Things, doing shopping in the Ocado app, watching programs, watching twitter, updating my cocktails database in Bento, trying to create a new Bento db for comics, shopping on the Amazon app, checking my eBay app, checking facebook, controlling our stereo's airtunes with the Remote app, etc.

We move around the house a lot during a day at home, relocating from one room to another. This means I don't use my laptop unless its for work. It is too cumbersome to carry into the kitchen, for example.

It struck me that being able to do all this home stuff on an iPad would be so much easier and better than on an iPhone.

I think it will have a huge impact on my life. I can't wait.


1Tim Davis  08/04/2010 20:04:02  My expectations of the iPad

If you are wondering if I did anything this weekend that wasn't online, this included: playing card games (MTG), reading boardgame rules, helping Gab cook, testing cocktail ideas, reading sony ereader (The Woman in White), reading real book (Art of the Renaissance), watching movies, catching up on TV series, mowing lawn, tidying house, etc. Also sleeping.

2Andy Higgins  12/04/2010 22:42:14  My expectations of the iPad

I think you might have something there Gabi - I have been considering buying an iPad and wondering about the value proposition... but the fact of the matter is, I simply don't need anything with too much storage... just need something where I can get my emails all the time and when I'm on the plane, I can watch movies, etc without having to worry about the bloke in front of me reclining his darned seat and crushing the laptop screen.....

The only question I have is whether to wait for the 3G version or to go with the Wifi version... there's about a $200 difference in price for the actual model here in the USA and the 3G model ain't available just yet. I think with the way Wifi is generally available that the 3G network may be an overkill....and I always have my iPhone anyway.... I may be treating myself next week after this project finishes and I'll let you know the realities.

3  12/04/2010 23:07:23  My expectations of the iPad

Sorry Tim - not sure why I thought Gabi had posted the blog here - I guess cos I'd been emailing her recently - BTW what boardgame rules were you reading?

4Tim Davis  13/04/2010 13:03:07  My expectations of the iPad

I was reading the Tannhauser Novgorod expansion, and all the rulebooks for A Touch of Evil and its expansions. We need to try and find time to have a proper go an all these. Gab will play A Touch of Evil, as its got lots of theme and plays a little like Arkham Horror. Tannhauser is too much of a minatures wargame affair for her.

5Andy Higgins  14/04/2010 23:24:29  My expectations of the iPad

Wargames have come a long way since I used to play them frequently - I assume A Touch of Evil is like Call of Cthulu? That was the only game of it's genre around when I RPGed... I was always more into the SPI and Avalon Hill Boardgames and I still have about 300 titles in boxes in my garage.....