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Lotusphere tickets, weird AMEX bills and shocking exchange rate fluctuations

Gabriella Davis  8 October 2008 15:26:27
As I checked through last month's Amex statements to make sure everything looked OK I was fully expecting to see the 3 charges for 1895 USD for Lotusphere tickets from Experient from Tim, Mike and I.  What I didn't expect?
  • 9 Experient entries at 1895 USD each all on the same day, 6 debits and 3 credits
  • All the entries appearing as 'Fishing Equipment' on the statement !
  • Despite all the debits and credits being applied the same day, they were all converted to GBP at different rates giving us:
    3 tickets charged at 1104.41
    3 tickets charged at 1097.43
    3 tickets credited at 1067.36

    So when it totals up we end up paying 111.15 GBP more for the tickets then if Experient had run the charges properly in the first place.  

Credit to Amex who agreed 'as a goodwill gesture' to credit us back the difference since none of it was our fault.  Now I just look forward to  explaining to the auditor why I spent nearly 6000 USD on fishing equipment for work.


1Jerry Carter  08/10/2008 16:25:52  Lotusphere tickets, weird AMEX bills and shocking exchange rate fluctuations

Not to impugn without a lot more detail, but it sounds a bit like someone was attempting to take advantage of a tax loophole and/or exchange rates and pocketing the difference. Might be worth asking Experient for a written explanation... I expect Amex will be, but as the consumer, you might have a case worth pursuing or at least bringing to light.

To say the least, very fishy. ;-)