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SnTT - Sessions and What We Hope To Achieve

Gabriella Davis  8 October 2008 20:18:03
Christian, Paul and I have been working really hard for the past week reviewing the 150+ submissions we've had submitted to the new Show N Tell Track.  It's brand new to LS2009 so we are very much the 'baby' track and yet we want to introduce something exciting and different to what's being offered in other tracks.  

So what are we doing different and what are we looking for from the submissions?

No.1 these are 2 hr sessions so we want 2 hours of packed content, if you're seeing slides screen by screen there's no hold up to get a demo working right and more room for content.  Also, the content itself needs to be different than anything you could see on another track (after all jumpstarts run 2hrs too) and so we're looking for sessions that are narrow in focus but deep in detail.

Oh and we need great presenters who are committed to teaching and prepared to put in a ton of work prior to Lotusphere to put together a presentation. If you think I'm exaggerating bear in mind most 60 min sessions use maybe 40 slides, we're expecting each of these to use around 150.

We're off to a great start with some fantastic submissions on a huge range of topics so THANK YOU to everyone who took the time and trouble to submit. The toughest part is now trying to pick the ones we think you'll want to see the most and you won't be able to see elsewhere.  Wish us luck!


1Charles Robinson  10/10/2008 03:06:29  SnTT - Sessions and What We Hope To Achieve

So is this where people actually do this as you describe it, or is the presenter just showing slides, or is it some combination of the two? The description on the Lotusphere site isn't very clear.

2Gab Davis  10/10/2008 09:52:18  SnTT - Sessions and What We Hope To Achieve

The idea is that this is a classroom style presentation so the presenter will be expected to have a slide for every single step of their demo. Many of my own presentations spend at least half the time on live work but if I wanted to do one in this track I would have to transfer all that live work to slides so I could show them.

I would have no problem with someone wanting to actually demo stuff live in this track but they would have to have the full slides to back up what they are doing. By reading the presentation I should be able to duplicate what was done.


3Charles Robinson  10/10/2008 14:06:25  SnTT - Sessions and What We Hope To Achieve

Thanks for the clarification. I was expecting something like the Hands On track where there was a brief intro then the audience would go through a set of printed instructions. I guess it's roughly the same, but the printed instructions are being shown and discussed.

It does sound like a very cool idea. Since everyone isn't expected to have access to a computer you can fit more people in, and it should have the same net effect as people actually doing it themselves.

As I think about it, this is exactly the kind of content I think Lotusphere has been missing. The idea of actually letting attendees do the activities hands on was a noble one, but it just couldn't scale to support the number of people who wanted to participate. This should be a great compromise.