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Our Prius recall

Tim Davis  9 February 2010 13:00:54
You may have heard the uproar about all the Toyota recalls. Our Prius is included in all this, and its going to have to go into the shop to get fixed. What I think is funny is that the fix requires no spanners, wrenches, new parts, tightening of bolts or adjusting of alignments. We are in the 21st century now. All it needs is a software upgrade!!

1Ben Langhinrichs  09/02/2010 14:00:11  Our Prius recall

Give it a couple of years and you will simply get your fixes pushed down automatically from ToyotaUpdate while the car charges. Of course, then you will also need a spam filter for your engine. Progress!

2Dinny Peter, IBM / SBM  09/02/2010 14:06:00  Our Prius recall

Yeah, afterall brake failure is a small bug. A Crtical fix (CF) pack should do the job :)

Prius is a hybrid model(electric car), so is Lotus Sametime (Domino & WAS). Hope, the issues with Media Manager is going to get fixed with CF, very soon!

Dinny Peter


3Mike Smith  10/02/2010 13:46:02  Our Prius recall

Heard today that the average car has 10 to 12 computers on board, while a high-end car may have up to 50.

4Vitor Pereira  17/02/2010 15:16:01  Our Prius recall

50! That's got to be a Microsoft car :)

5Richard Fox  17/02/2010 15:20:24  Our Prius recall

So are you suggesting Mike we should buy a car on about many CPUs it has rather that its BHP and MPG? Surely all those CPUs drain the engine batteries in that Prius pretty quickly?

6Mike Smith  18/02/2010 10:21:45  Our Prius recall

@Vitor LOL

@Richard It is bizarre but these days you need a laptop to tune a car not a tool kit