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Look What I’ve Just Had Delivered (<breathe>)

Gabriella Davis  9 September 2009 16:16:09
Now where do I start..........

Image:Look What I’ve Just Had Delivered (<breathe>)

1Ian Scott  09/09/2009 16:51:37  Look What I’ve Just Had Delivered (<breathe>)

Looks like Christmas came early :-)

I'd start with "Please Please Me" then move onto "With The Beatles", "A Hard Day's Night", "The Beatles For Sale".......you get the idea.


2Scott Johnsen  09/09/2009 18:42:35  Look What I’ve Just Had Delivered (<breathe>)

It really doesn't matter. You can't lose!

3Keith Brooks  09/09/2009 18:58:45  Look What I’ve Just Had Delivered (<breathe>)

I am jealous! I would start with Revolver or Rubber Soul

4Devin Olson  10/09/2009 14:10:35  Look What I’ve Just Had Delivered (<breathe>)

I have to agree with Keith.

Although I think Abbey Road was best non-anthology album they released; it is really best as a main course.

Revolver or Rubber Soul are both "essence appetizers".

Hmmm. Let's carry the "First Dinner with the Beatles" idea a bit:

Appetizer: Rubber Soul

Soup: Revolver

Fish: Hard Day's Night

Main Course: Abbey Road

Dessert: Let it Be

5Lars Olufsen  10/09/2009 22:01:11  Look What I’ve Just Had Delivered (<breathe>)

Gaby, you're in so much luck.

This is the ONLY question in the world that has NO wrong answer!

Any Beatles track is OK to start with, but "I saw here standing there" really IS a good place to start.

In any case ... enjoy!

6Tim Davis  10/09/2009 22:01:57  Look What I’ve Just Had Delivered (<breathe>)

I remember back in university it was 1987 and there was a whole thing about "it was twenty years ago today twenty years ago today", and I remember talking to/arguing with friends about the Beatles and what seemed to freak them all out was how eclectic their style was.

My friends couldn't get into the albums because of the contrast from one track to the next. One guy called it a "mess".

I did have one friend who loved everything they did. He had the White Album portraits up on his wall.