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Connect Abstracts - Start Your Engines Everyone

Gabriella Davis  9 October 2012 16:30:49
At the IBM Leadership Alliance conference in Boston last week Paul and I had many conversations with people from IBM about Connect 2013 and the Lotusphere track within it.  I know lots of people (including me) are panicking over the delayed call for abstracts and worried about being able to write sessions in time so here are a few things we were told and were allowed to share
  1. Your favourite tracks from previous Lotuspheres are back (think Best Practices, Show and Tell etc). So now you know that you know what you can submit to
  2. Despite community rumours there is no requirement on subject matter or technology to adhere to, the rule still is "write about anything you know and are enthusiastic about so long as it's centred on IBM technology"
  3. You're still going to have a 75 word limit on your abstract
  4. The content team is well aware of the timelines to produce materials and are working on taking the pressure off that

The official call for abstracts is coming and may not be open long but if you want to present get your abstracts ready right now.  Every year Paul and I say the same thing, if you want to present, just write a good abstract.  Don't half-ass it.  A good abstract on a good topic will stand you a very good chance of selection every year.  

I'm working on mine now, I hope you are too but just in case, I've bought a ticket and look forward to seeing you in Orlando.