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Lotusphere Mobile Apps Presentation SHOW109

Tim Davis  10 February 2009 09:53:27
In case anyone couldn't get hold of it, or missed me at Lotusphere, here is a pdf of the Lotusphere presentation I gave with Jason Hook on developing mobile apps for Domino.


Jason talked about developing for mobile browsers in the first half and I talked about developing native BlackBerry apps in the second half, plus I did a little bit about iPhone development.

I really enjoyed giving the presentation, my first ever at Lotusphere, but it went by so fast I hardly had time to appreciate it :-)


1Joseph LeMay  19/03/2009 17:32:49  Lotusphere Mobile Apps Presentation SHOW109

have you tried MDS? does it offer any advantages? looks like only the JDE allows you to write code that permits offline data store, is that right?

2MarvinK  04/04/2009 17:09:41  Lotusphere Mobile Apps Presentation SHOW109

The BlackBerry Browser (using MDS) is really pretty capable with RSS feeds--all by itself with no development effort. I wish Lotus-provided web templates were more mobile-friendly. The default blog templates in Domino 8.5 and Quickr 8.1 both could be a lot better on a BlackBerry with what seems like minimal effort. I think we'll end up doing the customization ourselves--or using a different solution for mobile blogs.