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Planetlotus attempting to lure me to the dark side

Gabriella Davis  10 October 2008 17:21:23
Blogging here is fairly random (ref. our blog name) but recently Tim and I have both been catching up and this afternoon 3 people got me on chat to tell me we had hit PlanetLotus' 'Hot Blogs'.  Excitedly I went to the site (sad but true) to see if they were serious and on discovering they were my first thought was

"well that's an abberation, we'll be gone from there in an hour or so"

It was quickly followed by a smaller voiced 2nd thought saying

"well you could keep writing stuff and see if you can keep it up"

luckily the moderately sane voice in charge, slapped the 2nd voice soundly and informed it that that way lies the road of the ASW (an acronym I only learnt the meaning of this morning thanks to Bill and I've managed to use already)

Normal - erratic - service will now be resumed.

*although I hate to start with a Star Wars reference , clearly 21 years in a relationship with a Star Wars fan has rubbed off

1a  10/10/2008 17:58:39  Planetlotus attempting to lure me to the dark side

So this particular story should in no way be interpreted as an underhanded way to quickly add 50 fresh hits to that weekly count, right?


2Gab Davis  10/10/2008 18:08:03  Planetlotus attempting to lure me to the dark side

No no no. and now I remember why I find blogging so scary.

3Paul Mooney  10/10/2008 18:16:39  Planetlotus attempting to lure me to the dark side

Ya ASW ya!

Gab - you have a lot to add - pure technical gold comes from your work... You know that...

And you are a b**ch from hell (a pretty cool one)

4Andrew Pollack  10/10/2008 18:17:08  Planetlotus attempting to lure me to the dark side

sorry -- @1 was me. I failed to fill in the form.

5Gab Davis  10/10/2008 18:23:54  Planetlotus attempting to lure me to the dark side

Andrew!!! scared the hell out of me. Luckily it's 6.30 on a Friday night so I'm going home to make Mary Pickfords.