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Showcase Pedestals available for BlackBerry LSMobile app

Tim Davis  11 January 2010 12:36:45
Ben has put the pedestal data into his Lotusphere Journal  2010 database, so if you have the BlackBerry LSMobile app installed you can do a 'Load Data' from the menu to bring this data down.

You can search the pedestal data by typing search text in the keywords search and choosing 'Search Showcase' from the menu.

I had to tweak the Storm version of the app slightly to handle the showcase data, so you will also have to download the latest version using your BlackBerry browser from this url: http://lotusphere.turtleweb.com/lsstorm. (Sorry about that).

(I've also submitted an update to BlackBerry App World, so it should be available there soon, too).


1Tim Davis  11/01/2010 18:18:32  Showcase Pedestals available for BlackBerry LSMobile app

I have also just uploaded a new version of the non-Storm version which addresses some problems with the behaviour of the menus. You can download this to your BlackBerry from { Link }

(I've also uploaded this to App World, so you can get it from there too. RIM seem to be very fast to approve these update, which is nice.)