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Tips Useful To Know If You’re Planning To Install ST Advanced

Gabriella Davis  11 August 2008 12:08:34
Having spent the past week on installing this in approximately 15 different ways and configurations here are mine
  1. Start downloading now.  You have a 1.5GB ST Pre Requisites file a 500MB St Advanced file and a 500MB Websphere Application Server file to grab
  2. Make sure if you're installing on Windows 2003 you've got at least SP1, preferably SP2 already installed
  3. The Pre-Requisites install DB2, Websphere Message Broker and MQ Series which you need before you can do anything else
  4. The ST Advanced install needs to point to the WAS install files - so you need to have those extracted to a directory somewhere but not actually installed
  5. During the install you'll need a Sametime Standard server to point to for community services and awareness, a server with LDAP for authentication to point to for logins (I used the ST Standard server for both) and an SMTP server to point to send mail out
  6. Decide on your LDAP configuration before you start.  If you're going to use LDAP make sure that you have it correctly configured and tested with binding if necessary
  7. The uninstall  process worked once then failed three times, even though it said it had uninstalled and there appeared to be nothing anywhere on the file system or the registry, attempting to install the ST Advanced server again simply prompted me to 'upgrade the existing version' pointing to the directory I was originally installed in
  8.  If you use a VM, take a snapshot of the server after the install of the pre-reqs and just as you start the Sametime standard install so you can rollback if you have problems
  9. During the install if you get an error saying 'can't connect to database' - go into the DB2 configuration for DB2Copy1 (General Administration Tools - Control Center).  Drill down to the DB2 instance, right mouse click and choose 'Start' then continue on with your configuration
  10. Take notes as you go along for all the accounts and passwords you'll need to use or create
  11. Once you have finished use the 'first steps' option on the STAdvanced profile which is created under the Websphere program menu to Verify your install and start the server
  12. If it won't start and you get an error in your SystemOut.log file which appears to refer to LDAP (along the lines of loginproperties invalid parameter = CN), check again that your DB2 instance is started and if necessary manually start it before attempting to start ST Advanced
  13. Websphere configuration, security etc can be accessed once the server is started on http://hostname:9043/ibm/console/login.jsp
  14. Sametime Advanced can be accessed once the server is started on http://hostname:9080/StAdvanced
  15. Make sure you bring coffee and a good book, you're going to be staring at the progress bar for a very long time


1Carl Tyler  11/08/2008 12:50:56  Tips Useful To Know If You’re Planning To Install ST Advanced

So you found it admin friendly then :)

2jack dausman  11/08/2008 15:00:13  Tips Useful To Know If You’re Planning To Install ST Advanced

Thanks, this is helpful to everyone.