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Show and Tell Track - What It’s About And Abstracts

Gabriella Davis  11 October 2011 14:36:06
This year will be the 3rd year of the Show and Tell track at Lotusphere and once more Paul and I will be helping put it together, as we have in previous years working with the track manager Christian Holsing. The Show and Tell track came out of a long debate about issues with the previous Hands-On track.  The Hands-On's were really popular because they were detailed, training type sessions that, assuming a minimum level of knowledge, would take you through step by step everything you needed to know to do a thing. Whatever that thing was. They were also, well , "hands on", meaning they required everyone to be equipped with identical laptops. The logistics of that meant we could only have about 30 people a session. Not nearly enough for the popularity of both Lotusphere and the hands on idea. The idea of the Show and Tell was to retain the training aspect of the session, assuming you know X we'll take you through every step to get to you to Y - but not requiring a laptop and no live hands on. The means we can cover more information, faster and for a wider audience but also means that the presentations have to be written as you would write training materials not as you would a regular presentation.

We've had some fantastic Show and Tell presentations in the past few years and have high hopes for some great abstracts this year. Unfortunately I've heard a lot of possible presenters say they don't want to present in our track because "it's too much work". Well it's true the average SNT which runs 90 - 115 mins requires 170+ slides (some have run to over 300) but since these are training materials which show every button press and action, most of the slides are simply annotated screenshots showing what you mean.

The SNT is unique at Lotusphere in presenting the opportunity for a double length deep dive session on a topic of your choice.  Only the Jumpstart track offers the same double length for sessions.  The Jumpstart offers huge breadth of topic and the SNT offers a fantastic opportunity to go into a deep dive on a more niche sub- topic. The Best Practices track is great for the tips and tricks and demonstrations of cool stuff that you are doing.  So in a Jumpstart you may get a session of working with all the admin tools in Domino, in SNT you may get a session on configuring and setting up SSO in detail and in BP you may get a session of the best choices for SSO. Although each track is open to customers and business partners, each has a very different focus and audience. 

If you want to present at Lotusphere I'd suggest starting by thinking of what you want to share.  Is it a wide topic, detail of some individual thing or tips and cool ideas.  That should tell you what track to present into.

So get ready, call for abstracts is on it's way, and we look forward seeing your SNT ideas.
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