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Domino Admin to Websphere Admin

Gabriella Davis  12 January 2009 20:34:53
Chris Miller and I are doing a session at Lotusphere this year called Domino Admin to WAS Admin (BP207).  Sadly I had a conflict on its original schedule and we've had to move to

Tuesday 20th 16:15 in Dolphin Southern Hemisphere II

That's a big room to be sat in all by yourself if no-one else spots the schedule change so make sure you add it to your calendar :-)

What we're going to do is show Domino Admins who have never used WAS or people that have only tinkered with WAS how to do Websphere admin by comparing it with how we do it in Domino - it's a packed high speed session and we've even done a accompanying YouTube video to explain who should be watching.

You need zero experience or understanding of Websphere (or even Domino) to join us

1Mark  12/01/2009 23:10:32  Domino Admin to Websphere Admin

thanks for that, as i wanted to go