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Gabriella Davis  13 July 2011 13:45:53
Where to start.  It's been a hectic few weeks since I last posted and I've had about 100 blog ideas, none of which were written so here's a summary of my highpoints.

Sametime Installs
I've completed 9 Sametime installs since 8.5.2 shipped in early June and I'm very pleased with how well it's deploying and installing.  I still have issues with things like the A/V in the browser client and the auto installer for that but I have moved onto a wish list for 8.5.2 FP1 and 8.5.3.  
  • Can we have broadcast meetings please, where only one person can talk and no-one else can un-mute (and yes I know about Managed meetings, that's not what I want)?
  • Can we get better and broader browser support for A/V in the browser?
  • Can we get a native iPhone / iPad app and more meetings apps for smartphones like we have for the Blackberry (I know the answer to some of that is "it's on its way")?
  • Can we have Proxy Servers that support MUX connections instead of Community Server connections to better support IM clustering?
  • Can we get more people trying out Sametime Advanced which has some very cool social networking features that blend nicely with Connections
  • Can we get better usage reporting for both Meetings and Media without full bandwidth manager deployment

I've also been doing work I love, designing large scale Enterprise deployments of Sametime and Connections and working on design ideas for cloud-based deployments.

Vegas Baby!
I presented at the Admin 2011 conference in Vegas in June doing 5 sessions on Sametime deployment, clustering and directory integration. It was a great conference with several hundred people, each session was full so we had lots of questions and ideas from the attendees over lunch and Ask the Experts.  I love a conference when I'm able to talk to people about what their issues are, it helps me streamline and focus my presentations too.  There's a lot of interest in deploying Sametime right now and I had lots of questions asked about Directory Integration, SPNEGO, SSO and Traveler.  Plus it was in Vegas which is one of my favourite places to go for no more than 3 days.  The Planet Hollywood hotel was good for the conference but I did keep wanting to tell the go-go dancers on tables on the casino floor to get down and go call their mothers.  I had the chance to spend some time with friends I only get to see at conferences including the Nerd Girl takeover of the poolside cabanas, an Elvis themed re-wedding which we got to via a 14 seater stretch white Humvee (class! and complete with roses for the laydeez) and the Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil show at The Mirage.    After Vegas, Tim and I took a week off and did the anti-Vegas by renting a house in the hills outside Sedona.  

I was delighted (oh OK I got a bit teary) to be named one of the IBM Champions for Collaboration Solutions 2011.  I didn't expect to be selected so it was both humbling and surprising to be on the list with the 49 great and deserving Champions.  Many of them are my friends and love working with these products as much as I do and for the same reasons - the difference this technology can make to small and large businesses alike.  Thank you for my nomination (you know who you are) and thank you to the IBM team for selecting me.

Sametime Admin Guide
It's not the end of the writing project started last year with Tom and Marie but it's certainly the beginning of the end.  Chapter 12, the final one of the Sametime Admin Guide is with the publishers as I write and we are starting to get drafts back from the reviewers on the early chapters.  I know there are a fair amount of rewrites due in those early chapters which were written in Nov and Dec and pre any Beta on Sametime 8.5.2 so there are whole chunks I need to complete on the Bandwidth Manager, the TURN server, cell deployment etc. That's OK, we're on schedule and I have notes on what's missing so we're nearly there. I'm very excited the book is coming together and think there's fantastic information in there for Sametime Admins.  Much of it not available anywhere else and certainly not in one place.  Just a few more weeks.....


1Deborah  04/08/2011 17:45:23  Coming up for air

Another few for the wish list:

Add Meeting Room Managers when creating the Meeting Room or before the Manager joins the meeting

Ability to start AV by a Room Manager. It appears that this will only work if the Meeting is never ended and you only close the Room window.

Linux 64bit web support for Meeting Rooms.

And, I am certainly not surprised that you were chosen as an IBM Champion! You are awesome!