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Blackberry Monitoring and Logging - Free Webinar

Gabriella Davis  13 November 2008 16:29:02
If you manage a BB server and have trouble working with the logs, monitoring the services, or are just curious about what options are available, you may be interested in a free Webinar I am presenting on behalf of the Lotus User Group.  It's taking place this Monday 17th November at 12.00 EST (5pm GMT).  All you have to do is register on the Lotus User Group website to attend and since I'm staying after work for an entire hour to present it, it would be nice to think there was someone listening at the other end :-)  

1Darren Duke  13/11/2008 17:29:54  Blackberry Monitoring and Logging - Free Webinar

You may want to cover BMS too.

2Gab Davis  13/11/2008 20:41:09  Blackberry Monitoring and Logging - Free Webinar

Thanks for the suggestion. However, in this webinar we simply don't time for everything so we're focussing on out of the box features and analysing logs.

As you know, Blackberry Monitoring Service is an entire webinar all of its own and although worth investing in for larger multi BES installations, I don't believe it speaks to the day to day requirements of most sites.

Maybe a follow on session if people are interested ...