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Presentations from NLLUG - One Directory and Server Management

Gabriella Davis  14 September 2010 22:47:26
After my lightning quick visit to Amsterdam last week to attend NLLUG I wanted to post my presentations here for anyone who attended or was interested.  The conference, as usual, we incredibly well organised and professional and with nice full rooms for each session.  It was particularly cool to have the opening sessions inside the football stadium and next year I hope to brush up on my dutch so I can keep up with the live improv :-)  Thanks especially to Femke Goedhart for organising our Nerd Girls panel and to everyone who turned up for that.

My two sessions this year were in the 'Admin' room and they alternated with those of Paul Mooney which I'm convinced must be like following this man on stage...  :-)

One Directory To Rule Them All!

You’ve heard buzzwords like single-sign on, single user id, or authentication management, but also heard that they were a nightmare to implement. Or perhaps you always wanted to use another directory - like Active Directory - for your Sametime, Web, IMAP or Traveler password authentication but thought it required a 3rd party tool or something installed on the Domino server? In this session we'll show you how to configure your Domino server to authenticate with either the HTTP Password or the LDAP directory password without a server reboot! We will extend that idea to demonstrate how with a little bit of magic and a sprinkling of Tivoli Directory Integrator you can get closer to that simple single userid or directory system you’ve always wanted.

Server Monitoring, Security and Health (aka. . the dullest session title ever designed)

Domino is full of ways to help you identify potential problems and possible pitfalls. Find out why these early reporting tools like DDM, server analysis tools like DCT, and a healthy dose of pro-active management and calm planning can help you get control of your servers and return them to full health.
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