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My Lotusphere Week

Gabriella Davis  15 January 2009 09:18:49
As I leave London and head out to Orlando today (complete with a large case of warm clothing), I printed off my agenda for the week so I don't forget where I need to be and when.  Hopefully I'll see some of you around or even at a session (the fear of talking to an empty room is kicking in already).

Sunday 18th  
10.30am - 12.30am
Dolphin Southern Hemisphere II
JMP104 The A-Z of Domino Security (with Andrew Pollack)
In this session we plan to take you through all the components of Domino and Notes security, explaining where and how to use each one so you can make the decisions about what to use in your environment.  This is our 3rd year with this session and each year we've had to completely rework it to include all the new security features as well as the old (fitting more content into the same 2hr slot).  

(repeated at 16.00 - 18:00 in Dolphin Americas)

Monday 19th
16.30 - 18.15
Dolphin Americas
SHOW101 ID Vault, Roaming and DAOS: Get Ahead of the Curve with IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 (with Paul Mooney)
Two of the most exciting new features in 8.5 (THE most exciting if you're an Admin obviously).  I take on ID Vault and Paul takes on DAOS and in the spirit of the new SNT Track we'll both be giving you screen by screen instructions for configuring and using each features.

Tuesday 20th
11.15 - 12.15
Geek 102 Nerd Girl - Making Geek 'Chic'
Swan Mockingbird
I'm very excited about the Nerd Girl panel and BOF which are new this year.  It's a forum for us to discuss how and why we made certain career choices and what we can learn from each other, as welll as how to leverage and get value from our gender and personality differences.  We really hope men as well as women will come along and join in the discussion and ideas.  I'm joining a great Panel with Maureen Leland, Mary Beth Raven, Kathleen McGivney, Kristen Lauria, Irene Greif, Jess Stratton and moderated by Libby Ingrassia.

15:00 - 16:00
Dolphin Southern Hemisphere III
IDOL101 Lotusphere Idol
This year on Lotusphere Idol I plan to be the 'nice' English judge - which was my plan last year until my mouth got a bit carried away!

16.15 - 17.15 (note: moved time and location from printed agenda)
Dolphin Southern Hemisphere II
BP207 IBM Lotus Domino Admin to IBM WebSphere Application Admin -- in an Hour! (with Chris Miller)
Here's a preview :-)

Wednesday 21st
Dolphin Southern Hemisphere IV-V
BP205 Go "Advanced" with IBM Lotus Sametime
Everything you always wanted to know about the how (to manage), why (you should use its features) and what (you need to integrate) of Sametime Advanced.

Swan Toucan II
BOF415 "Nerd Girl": Making Geek Chic Roundtable
Following on from yesterday's Panel we want to hear more from you about the Nerd Girl community and how we can take it forward after Lotusphere

I hope to fit in some time with friends, some Fantasia golf and some Yoga (7am each morning by the Dolphin poolside with Libby) and of course to meet and talk to some new people.   I've dosed up on Echinacea (to ward off the cold) and am carrying Berocca (to boost energy) so i'm all set for the week.

See you there or, if you can't make it, watch out for my presentations posted here.

1Mary Ann May  15/01/2009 16:33:05  My Lotusphere Week

"(the fear of talking to an empty room is kicking in already). "

I'm still laughing at that one! In what universe would that even be possible?

Not every company is suffering from the down economy to the point of cutting Lotusphere from the budget. You may be short a few of your dedicated attendees, like myself, but Gabby, the room will never be empty when you have something to say!

Have a good 'Spere, maybe I'll get to attend next year!

2Gab Davis  16/01/2009 09:14:21  My Lotusphere Week

Thanks for the voice of support Mary Ann - I just hope you're right and that you get to make it to LS2010 (it's going to be freezing cold this year if that makes you feel better)!