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A New Cocktail To Celebrate The Weekend And A Great Way To Use Up Old Veg

Gabriella Davis  15 August 2008 19:08:32
We're big on making cocktails in this house (well Tim is, I just drink them) and since I discovered half an old'ish cucumber in the salad drawer he made me up a Cucumber Margarita - completely delicious, impossible to have just one and a great start to the weekend.  It even smells of cucumber which is the smell of summer and you can't beat that

tablespoon of fine sugar
1oz lime juice
1/4 cup chopped cucumber

put all of these in your mixing glass and muddle (mash down to a pulp or until you are feeling better)

1.5 oz white tequila
1oz cointreau
handful of ice cubes

shake until your shaker (the container not the person) gets icy cold
strain and pour into a cocktail / margarita glass, float a slice of cucumber on top (or put a nick in it and stick it on the glass rim)
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