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Time to take a bow, I have officially broken the ibookstore app

Gabriella Davis  15 October 2012 17:11:48
It finally happened. I bought more books than the ibookstore app can handle.  It's not the library itself, all my books sync fine and appear in their collections.  The problem is the "Purchased" page within the application itself.  That's an online page in the bookstore that shows you every book you've ever bought.  Not ones synced to the device, not ones bought from Amazon, just those you've bought via iTunes.

Last week I bought a book and suddenly my "Purchased" page was empty.  Now you might not think this is a problem so long as I have the book but you can't actually read the synopsis of a book in your library, you can only read the synopsis in the store and the easiest way to do that is via the purchased page.  So on book purchase number 775, suddenly my purchased page is empty and I have no way to remind myself what I bought and what I want to read next.

It's not the iPad, the same thing happens on my iPhone. It's not my account, in iTunes the purchased list of books appears fine under my account.  It's not the app specifically, if I change accounts and login as Tim his books appear fine on the Purchased page.  It's a combination of the app + my number of purchased books.  Apple are still investigating but I don't hold our much hope.

Some figures I just did in my head.  The iPad has been out only 29 months or 940 days so I have bought 0.8 books a day, on average 24 books a month.  Except that doesn't include my purchases done through Amazon UK or B&N and so I need to add those in, which takes me to around 1400 books, in 940 days, at an average of 8 dollars a book.  I need to stop thinking about that now.

1Rob McDonagh  15/10/2012 19:56:33  Time to take a bow, I have officially broken the ibookstore app

How do you keep track of them all? I like my iPad (Kindle app) and Kindle for reading, but I only have ~100 ebooks on them and already I get lost. I'll look at a book and not remember what it's about or why I bought it - which is sad, but the reality. With physical books, I keep them in ToBeRead piles (I have a ReadASAP pile, a ReadSoon pile and a whole bunch of ReadWhenever piles) and then when I've read them I put them on shelves with the other books by that author. And when I can't remember why I bought them, I can get the blurb from the back or inside cover to remind myself. I can't do any of that with the ebooks. I think that's the only think keeping me from buying more ebooks and leaving the paper books behind. But I look at my collection of thousands and thousands of books, picture it inside that (lack of a) user interface, and shudder. Knowing how many you go through, I've always wondered how you manage them. Sounds like the "Purchased" page was part of your answer, so I hope they fix it!

2Susan Bulloch  15/10/2012 20:21:52  Time to take a bow, I have officially broken the ibookstore app

Rob, I use Goodreads to keep up with my books - I got tired of buying books I'd already read before I ever got my first iPad. I buy from different places - and I borrow tree-based books from my Sister in Law. Its the only way I could cope....

3Gabriella Davis  15/10/2012 21:33:02  Time to take a bow, I have officially broken the ibookstore app

@Rob, that's pretty much how I treat my bookshelves, except now they just have books I love and not just like. Books I both like and love are on my iPad so I have "love" books in real and digital formats. It's always exciting when I discover a book I had forgotten I bought but was excited to read at the time and get excited to read it again.

But yes, my problem is that I have so many sometimes I love just sitting and reading the backs of them and making a mental promise to myself that when the work slows ill do nothing but read. I miss that on the iPad and the "Purchased" page was the best I could do. If that goes I'm lost completely.

4John  16/10/2012 07:20:39  Time to take a bow, I have officially broken the ibookstore app

How on Earth do you ever find the time for... work?