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Presenting at BLUG on Sametime

Gabriella Davis  16 February 2012 00:56:09
I'm delighted to say that i'll be speaking at the fantastic BLUG conference in Antwerp on March 22nd (sidebar -only 5 weeks away!).  My session is on Sametime and is the only one able to be squeezed into the packed agenda this year so I'm combining a whole lot of different information under the one heading "Sametime Pick and Mix".  For those of you at Lotusphere 2012 you may know that my session there had the same name but only some of the content is the same.  The session still talks about the different Sametime versions and components and how to design a system to deliver what you need but I've added new content on infrastructure and management as well to make sure those of you who want to learn about Sametime get as much info in as short a time as possible.

I hope to see you there


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