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Spark Ideas Video Online - Plus BLUG!

Gabriella Davis  16 February 2012 11:37:27
For those that didn't make it to Lotusphere this year or those that did and missed out on our Spark Ideas session, or those that came to the session and loved it so much you want to see it again (we know you're there, we saw the feedback); our friends at Spiked Studios have kindly recorded each of the 6 Sparks sessions and we have linked to them online here

PLUS - Sparks was so successful we want to keep it going. Next stop is hopefully the Benelux User Group in Antwerp on the 22nd March.  If you're interested in doing a Sparks session and are coming to Antwerp then we'd love to hear from you.  Just you, a mic and 6 minutes to inspire someone.  Take a look at the videos to see how it's done then email your idea to info@nerdgirlgroup.com.  Thanks again to all our wonderful, brave Spark speakers from Lotusphere and to everyone who attended.

Of course this one is my favourite :-)

Tim Davis – Choosing To Be Lucky


1Gilbert  17/02/2012 10:31:38  Spark Ideas Video Online - Plus BLUG!

Nice one Tim, thank you.