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Too much customer service from Dell

Gabriella Davis  16 March 2009 15:37:41
I buy my servers from Dell but that usually only accounts for 5 or so boxes a year and nowhere near enough to justify my own account manager.  Every so often though my name must pop up on the screen of every Salesperson at Dell's offices because I suddenly get inundated with "Let me introduce myself , I am your new account manager at Dell and I'm wondering if you need anything" emails.  This usually dovetails with the warranty coming due on a server I've bought.

This morning I've received 3 such emails, all from different people at Dell and all introducing themselves as my new account manager.  Oh and one phonecall from a 4th person claiming the same thing.  I've never heard of any of them and 2 months ago when I last bought new hardware they certainly weren't around.  One email even said that I may receive emails from other people but that THEY were my true account manager!

I think the word that most closely describes what I'm feeling is 'strafed' and I'm not sure that's what they were going for


1Danny Lawrence  16/03/2009 16:03:52  Too much customer service from Dell

Hmmm. . . . sounds like someone (or several someones) wants to get the commission on your warranty renewals.