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Heathrow Lost Property - Incredible Service

Gabriella Davis  16 October 2012 12:16:32
Flying out to Switzerland with my parents in September, my stepfather left his iPad at Heathrow T5 security.  We didn't notice until boarding the plane and despite many phone calls around the airport, no-one had found it.

Fast forward 3 weeks and as I was going through T5 to Boston I asked what would happen if someone left an iPad at security, I was given a lost property card and number to call.  Turns out Heathrow have an online lost property site where you can review all lost property - there are a lot of iPads and Macbooks there.  On Sept 21st alone (the day we wanted) over 1000 items were reported lost at Heathrow and it makes entertaining reading http://missingx.com/.

So on the off-chance we rang them.  They wanted to know if it was engraved or unlocked (apparently if it's unlocked they email you on your registered address).  It was neither.  They then wanted the serial number. Luckily we're hoarders and in our server room we had the boxes from 2011, we rang them and gave the first 6 digits of the serial number and they confirmed they had it.  For 20 pounds we can pick it up or they can post it to us.  The serial number of your iPad is etched on its back.

Not only did I not expect anyone to hand it in, I never expected them to be able to hang onto it for 3 weeks and identify it for us so easily.  I thought it was such a lost cause I nearly didn't bother even calling.  I clearly need to have more faith.