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I like racing games on the iPad

Tim Davis  17 January 2011 20:36:55
I've tried a few racing games on the iPad and I have three favourites. Each one fulfils a different role, making up a range of racing styles to suit my mood.

My number 1 is: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. Not just racing here, you have 'Something To Do'. Plus you have two ways to play, either running someone down or trying to escape. I find regular racing racing racing can get a bit dull after a few rounds but this keeps it varied with different types of events. Also the pseudo-80's soundtrack really works when combined with sirens and dispatch radio calls.

b) Need For Speed Shift. This is indeed plain racing racing racing but done very nicely. Realistic courses and cars. You can customise how much control you have, including gear changes if you want. And you get that great green best line showing if you are rubbish like me.

iv) Asphalt 6 Adrenaline. Stupid arcade racing. Lots of fun, not so much of the realism. Most of the game seems to be smashing other cars off the road, which reminds me of Carmageddon. Woohoo!!

All three have really good feelings of progression as you win races/complete challenges and unlock better cars/upgrades. Also, they all have plenty of side-challenges for scoring extra points through using certain driving moves or hitting certain achievements. They all feel very 'rich' in that sense. I would recommend them all, depending on your desired game-style.

By the way, what is the best bit of any iPad racing game? The way the horizon tilts the other way when you steer, so your view stays level. Genius.

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