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Sametime Standard vs Advanced - You can ask your questions here

Mike Smith  17 February 2009 13:14:17
Our own Gabriella Davis is running a moderated Lotus User Group forum this week on Sametime Standard vs Advanced. To quote from the forum description: "Do you now the difference between the two? Know what you need to get Advanced up and running? Want to have capabilities like Instant Share, Persistent Chat, and Broadcast Tools? Lotus Sametime Advanced will launch many Domino Admins into the arena of WebSphere Application Server, IBM DB2, and IBM WebSphere MQ for the first time."

If you have questions about Sametime, Sametime Advanced, or moving to Sametime Advanced, then this is the place to go. However it is just this week only. You can find the forum over here (you will need to register with Lotus User Group):


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