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Off To Melbourne AUSLUG Jumpstarts and Travelling to China

Gabriella Davis  17 February 2012 10:43:54
Well that was sudden.  I had been hoping to make it to Melbourne for the 2nd AUSLUG this March but things just didn't gel when I was trying to plan.  Then about a week ago Mat contacted me to ask if I'd do a Jumpstart but focussing entirely on Domino admin.  In the past year I've been doing lots of work and training on Sametime and Connections but the chance to do a full day's workshop on advanced Domino administration seemed too good to pass up.  Then I looked into flights and Cathay had a sale on this week.  That's serendipity right?  I sent Mat my outline for the Jumpstart and it turns out Chris Miller was also thinking of doing a Jumpstart on Domino but his topics were completely different to mine so Chris came up with the idea that instead of having 2 concurrent 1 day Jumpstarts with entirely different topics, we combine ours into a single super-Jumpstart over 2 days offering the best in high level Domino Administration.  So that's what we're doing.

Sessions are still being firmed up and I'd love to hear from anyone who is attending if this would be useful or what's missing. For example I have planned
  • Working with Mail Databases, Inbox Maintenance, Design, DAOS
  • Working with IDs, certificates, security, password synchronisation
  • ID Vault Setup and Management
  • Performing a security healthcheck , Security best practices, guarding against the most common security vulnerabilities and attacks  

Chris then has sessions on optimisation of services and resources (but I don't want to speak on his behalf).  

The 2 day Jumpstart takes place just before the conference in Melbourne on the 27th and 28th March.  I have also submitted Sametime and Connections abstracts into the AUSLUG conference so hopefully I'll be speaking on those during the regular conference.

Now I have 6 weeks to organise our first ever trip to Australia.  Which will also be our first ever trip to Hong Kong.  And China.  But that's another story which will be taking place on http://www.travellingturtles.com

Excited !

1Phil Dawson  01/03/2012 13:22:22  Off To Melbourne AUSLUG Jumpstarts and Travelling to China

Any diversions through Perth planned? Hope you use the lonely planet we bought ya.. : P