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Mindful Emailing - A Way To Inner Peace

Gabriella Davis  17 July 2009 15:57:17
At Google headquarters (yes obviously), a new project attempting to teach inner peace by means of 'mindful emailing', an approach "where people are taught to stop after writing an email, take three breaths, and visualize the recipient’s emotional and mental response before sending."

It's something I do try and do and in the IT world where many geeks aren't very socially engaged I think it's even more vital.  The lesson I am finding it harder to learn is NOT responding immediately to emails when in the middle of an debate with someone before finding myself in 'email war' .  

There are 2  other things I love about the article from Utne Reader that put a new light on the cuddly / hippy / Google image. That this was a result of a meditation program that didn't take off due to lack of interest (and if you can't sell meditation at Google then clearly its time has passed in corporate world), and that the brains behind it is "Google employee 107" (shades of The Prisoner!)