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Hanging my head in shame - travelling takes all the blogging out of me

Gabriella Davis  17 September 2008 22:23:02
Last time I looked it was still August and my last blog posting but since then I've written 8 new presentations, travelled to the US, completed two Collaboration Universities in Chicago and London and I'm gearing up for UKLUG tomorrow.  I have been so closed off in my bubble of conferences, customers and work that I may be the only person in the blogging community having no idea of the recent arguments and negative postings going on so all I'm left with is the residual discussion of the arguments and no clue what they are.  Probably for the best.

Collaboration University as usual was great fun , not only giving me an opportunity to talk to customers about what they're doing or want to do with Quickr and Sametime but it meant I spent a good part of this summer deep into WAS and Portal doing work with Quickr for Portal, Connections and Sametime Advanced to come up with an admin story that Domino Admins or those with little WAS or DB2 experience could understand.  It also gave me a chance to catch up with Chris, Carl, Warren and all the guys from Snapps and add my piece in what I would call a random semi literate ramble but what Chris calls a podcast.  Still all that conferencing means a lot of hotels and so this week I prefer to do the 4 hr round trip each day to central London in the rush hour than stay in a central hotel.

Tomorrow I'm standing in for Kathleen McGiveney and Susan Bulloch on their Adminp session at UKLUG and I'll do my best not to mess it up but for anyone coming along and expecting them, I apologise in advance.  Friday is my own session called Admins - Sit Back and Relax and Let Your Servers Do The Work.  Then this weekend I need to send in my abstract for Lotusphere in the hope of getting a session, but I"m not dumb, my ticket is already bought, flight and hotel paid for so I'm coming either way.

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